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Wood fibre insulation boards

Beltermo – ecological thermal and acoustic insulation for all types of houses

Advantages of Beltermo slabs

Protection against changing temperatures

Due to the high value of heat capacity (с=2100 J/(kg*K), the house will have a pleasant climate both on hot and cold days.The temperature will not depend on the temperature drop outside.

Excellent sound insulation

High density (110-200 kg / m³) and uniformity protect against impacts and noises transmitted by the air inside the house (Rw = 23-27 dB), and high porosity allows for absorption of noise outside (αw = 0.60-0.95 ). It will always be quiet in the house, which will save on additional sound insulation.

Protection against wind

The airflow resistance level (50 - 100 (kPa*s)/m³) provides reliable protection against wind. Your home will stay warm even on cold days, which saves on heating.

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